“It is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed” – Steve Lacy

LoVArts is a platform formed by visual artists with the urge of finding a way to connect and collaborate with other artists and give exposure to our works within a deeply rich and inclusive art environment.

At LoVArts, our attention is focused on emerging visual artists based in London. This category includes film, installations, sculpture, painting, photography, graphics, animation and fashion. Its parameters aren’t concrete and one of the key features of LoVArts is its ability to adapt in such a way that we are open to any art form that can be shown in a visual context. We consider that the term ’emerging artist’ is not based on age, gender, religion or any other restrictive factor but instead, on the level of exposure that this artist has had. We are not looking for a specific type of artist, we believe that achieving a collection of varied styles will help inspire the artists involved and that collaboration can help them accomplish their goals.

The current visual arts community is saturated with events, exhibitions, platforms and collectives, but they do not seem to change anything for the artists in terms of their status and often are based under an exclusive and elitist nature.

In terms of our public presence, we operate as a promotional and networking platform specifically designed to support emerging artists by promoting events that can help further their careers and aspirations. Through our regular networking meetings and seminars, every visual artist will have the right to voice their opinion and share their work in a friendly environment and will also have the opportunity to apply for our exhibitions, to be organised and curated by a team of professionals from the London art scene. Its purpose is simple, we hope to build a bridge between established artists represented by agents and galleries, and emerging artists by providing them with an alternative channel to show their work. Promotion through LoVArts will expose these artists to public feedback on a scale that they would otherwise not have access to.

The platform not only achieves exposure for the artists on the highest possible professional level but also serves as an introductory network so that reaching their target audience is facilitated. In essence, we discover ‘unknown artists’ and present them to the world in a format that will be recognisable to buyers, collectors and the wider art-savvy public. We firmly believe that the events that artists need are those which provide a channel to obtain commissions and sales and, if this can be achieved, then LoVArts will have fulfilled its purpose.

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