By Other Means invites you to “KillingIt – Chapter 1” – Thursday 7th Sep

By Other Means, formerly based in Clapton, just took over a new space in Bethnal Green and has some exciting times ahead. We met with the gallery owner, James Nasmyth, who kindly agreed to talk to us about his forward-thinking conception of the gallery space, his future goals with BOM, as well as “KillingIt”, the highly anticipated launch event he will host on the 7th September.

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The purpose of BOM lies in filling the gap between the creative process and the exhibition space. With a strong focus on artist development, James intends to offer a full-round experience for both artist and viewer. Equipped with a studio on the upper floor, BOM welcomes residencies and encourages the artistic practice on site. Drifting away from the traditional gallery/artist “representation” scheme, BOM prefers to call it a collaboration, offering both a studio space to produce work, and a simultaneous opportunity to exhibit in the gallery space. This progressive approach brings a performative aspect to the gallery and allows a direct interaction between the artist and the audience.

BOM opens the door to new ways of displaying art and prides on having something for everyone who walks in. It’s about improving the experience and giving the public an opportunity to get involved in the creative process.


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As the new media and fashion industries managed to appeal to wider crowds and democratise their products over the past few years, the art industry struggles to break its old patterns and somehow still vehicles the idea that owning art is exclusive to only a few. It’s important for BOM to explore new ways of making art viable economically as a gallery, but also making art affordable for everyone by presenting a range of works matching all financial means. The highly satisfying feeling of buying art is no longer reclusive and James believes that it will generate both great exposure for his artists and a memorable experience for the visitor.

This new location has brought exciting perspectives for BOM and an extensive program is already shaped until early 2018. On the 7th September, the gallery will host “KillingIt”, an event officially launching the space and giving us a taste of all things coming up.

For KillingIt, the eight artists part of the future program will present a couple of works each and introduce their upcoming projects. A great opportunity for the public to get familiar with the space and see what BOM has in store for the next few months.

Eight reasons to join By Other Means on the launch night:


Giacomo Bevanati


Giacomo’s art explores the visual relationships between light, volume and texture. With a background in design and architecture they use 3D modelling techniques to create complex sculptural meshworks of steel wire.

“Emotional Chair” will be on view from the 29th September.


Evgenia Emets


Evgenia is a poet and artist. Sound, word, poetry, drawing are the primary elements of her current practice. Through installations and performances Evgenia creates experiences, which invite the audience to explore their relationship with their body, voice and language.

“Time Wave” will be on view from 5th October.


Aleksandra Karpowicz

Our LoVArts Founder and award-wining artist Aleksandra Karpowicz will present works from a new series for the launch event and have a residency this October.

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Aleksandra Karpowicz is a London-based visual artist whose work focuses exclusively on the human form and behaviour. She initially started working within the medium of photography and is now also exploring interactive installations and performances to discuss the topics of sexuality and body image through the perspective of the female gaze.

Aleksandra will take over the space from the 19th October and show her film “Definition of Sex” during her residency. Meanwhile, two works from her project “Unique Fiction of the Anatomic Truth” will be showcased at “KillingIt”.


Marcos Rico Do+Not+Disturb

Marcos Rico is a multidisciplinary artist using the mediums of photography, drawing, digital and mixed media. Often incorporating media work into plastic arts, their work explores transformations produced within contemporary society by the emergence of the Internet and new technologies.

“Do Not Disturb” will be on view from the 2nd November.


Autumn Waters


Autumn Waters is an interdisciplinary work in progress being developed by Disconnect|Dance. The project is based on an ancient Chinese classical text which debates the meaning of words and the fragility of definitions.

“Movement – Words – Pattern” will be on view from the 16th November.


Hannah Richards


Hannah Richards is an illustrator and stationery designer living and working in London. Her 2017 collection features contemporary abstract designs in bold bright colours inspired by simple shapes and happy accidents. Hannah works with paper collage, ink and digital design to create her unique designs which are printed and packaged in England using sustainable materials.

Works on view from the 7th December.


Tara Benjamin Morgan


Tara Benjamin-Morgan’s work strives towards the creation of other worlds in which the viewer might exist, where the imagination can immerse itself and supplant the ambiguous forms with fragments of their own memories and dreams in order to create new narratives.

Works on view from the 1st February 2018.




DT500 MAG is a conceptual artistry à l´art brut, it is a contemporary documentary inspired by Downtown 500 NYC aesthetics, where we use zine as the main form of communication along with Instagram, video, photography etc…, it is a contemporary hero -an artist, a dilettante, in his purity, naivety, idealism, his individual creative researchers, meeting people, gathering inspiration, a free human being who will one day succeed.

“Dowtown 500” will be on view from the 15th February 2018.

By Other Means will keep an extensive programme and showcase at least 2 exhibitions per month, comprising events, talks and performances. After our meeting with James, we could also see the bigger picture and thrived at the idea of watching By Other Means stand as a brand and take the concept of artistic development one step further.

So if you’re looking to experience art in different ways, By Other Means is definitely one to visit!


Don’t miss:

KillingIt – Chapter 1

7th September

13-19 Herald Street, E2 6JT

6pm to late


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Visit By Other Means’ website.

Get in touch with By Other Means here

Images and artists’ presentation: courtesy and ©By Other Means & artists.

Written by Laurianne Simonin.

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