An encounter with Lauren Mele

An encounter with the artist Lauren Mele

Lauren Mele is a young American London-based artist, who works from her bright studio at Bow Arts. Derived from her photographies , her paintings start with photos taken on her phone.


Her work, mainly oil painting, depicts scenes of our daily life and captures  an ordinary instant that becomes eternal, leaving us with a feeling of nostalgia. As Lauren describes it herself, her paintings “celebrates insignificancy , and monumentalizes disposable imagery – the times in-between those ‘moments to remember’ “.


What Lauren likes the most is the organic properties of the bodies she paints, which can definitely be seen through the softness, shapes and shades of the people represented all along the canvas.


 Lauren is also an admirable landscape painter whose paintings are dreamlike illustration of deserted beaches after the storm or gleaming beaches at sunrise, here again, capturing the poetry of the instant, making it last forever.



Lauren Mele will be showing her work for Women’s Day, at the Artworks Elephant , from the 3rd to the 9th of March 2016.


To find out more about Lauren Mele’s work, please visit

By Elizabeth Covello

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