Mimesis, by Amelia Critchlow and Evy Jokhova

         Preview: Wednesday 9th December 2015 , from 6-9 pm, Westminster Library

On 9th December 2015, the Westminster Arts Reference Library will introduce the work of two London-based artists , Amelia Critchlow and Evy Jokhova. Their work, entitled ‘Mimesis’ , looks at the path between pre-Antiquity and current urban architecture, its evolution and how elements have been carried out from generation to generation.


Mimesis (from Ancient Greek and which stands for ‘imitation’ or ‘actor’)is the result of a year-long collaboration between Amelia Critchlow and Evy Jokhova, based on a dialogue about identity, ownership and interior social order. Mimesis is an installation that combines images, paintings and objects and which focuses on the parallel between pre-Antiquity and modern day, to highlight their similarities and their visual etymology. This would then lead the viewer to question their perception of familiar objects, how we mimic things and how the elements of Pre-Antiquity are still prevalent today.


The sense of timeless knowledge that transpires from the Westminster Library  only stresses the quality of Amelia Critchlow and Evy Jokhova’s art.


by Elizabeth Covello
Mimesis, 9th December-2nd January, Mon Fri 10-8pm, Sat 10-5pm Westminster Reference Library , 35 St Martin’s Street WC2H 7HP

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