Paul Cummings: Magic Sound and Sculpture

Paul Cummings: Magic Sound and Sculpture

Interview with the Artist

Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings is an East-London based artist whose work establishes the paradoxes between spirituality and technology, natural world and digital life.

The interview with Paul started with a blow on a gong hanging from the ceiling of his bright and peaceful studio. This blow immediately set us in the atmosphere of his art work, influenced by cosmology, shamanism and astrology.

Paul Cummings 3

Paul’s current work is a series of life-size sculptures representing two wolves (Lupa and Fenrir), a goat and the trophies of deers. These sculptures made of craft assembled in hundreds of sides came to life after an extremely long spiritual but also technological process: as Paul explained to us, shamans, who are regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, pray to sculptures in order to find the spirit of an animal. However, this is where Paul’s work is fascinating: not only is it influenced by the interaction with a spiritual world but it is also greatly related to the digital world and by listening to Paul, we understand that the gap between the spiritual and digital world isn’t actually that wide and they have been closely linked through the Ages. According to Paul, there was a Golden Age of technics and spirituality which is today arising again with, as the Artist says, “a massive revival of spirituality”.

Paul Cummings 2

Thus, while looking at Paul’s sculptures, we can say that his work definitely embodies the quest for a representation of the connection between the spiritual and the digital: The soul of a wild animal as powerful and almighty as a wolf can today be brought to life by the “virtual aesthetic of the computer”.

Paul Cummings 4

Come and see these enigmatic sculptures and meet their captivating creator from 10th December to 19th December 2015 at Fill the Gap Leytonstone Station, E11 1HE,  you’ll be bewitched.

To find out more about Paul Cumming’s work, check Paul’s website

by Elizabeth Covello

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