Lisa Cirenza: Oil Paints to Pixels

Lisa Cirenza: Oil Paints to Pixels

A talk with Lisa Cirenza on her latest work 

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On the evening of September 30th, the Apple Store located in Covent Garden brought together art and technology with guest host Lisa Cirenza. Lisa told her story, that of a woman who has lived in several countries, spanning from the United States to Japan, who now calls London home. Throughout her life, Cirenza found herself painting and drawing. However, due to her commitments to her professional career, as a well as her roles of wife and mother, she was unable to fully dedicate herself to her art for practical reasons. It was after an ink jar explosion that caused quite a mess in her carry-on bag during an international flight that Cirenza realized she needed a more practical method to continue doing what she loved. 

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

After playing around on her iPad, she discovered several applications that allowed her to sketch and paint. The convenience and practicality of the digital method instantly proved to work well with both her fast, international lifestyle and the literal content of her artwork. Cirenza had always been drawn to live subjects, and found she was often depicting strangers with whom she had merely shared an armrest with on the tube for a few minutes in passing. It is here we witness the meshing of two worlds: art and technology. Her works draw inspiration from her traditional training in studio art as well as the convenience and immediacy that technology offers its user. Cirenza’s work becomes a representation of how technology allows its user to create art that is both immediate and permanent, allowing artists to freeze moments in the bustling chaos of the everyday. 

To view the sort of images Lisa Cirenza is creating, see here for her work:

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Cirenza

Author: Alessandra De Costanzo

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