LoVArts Summer Networking at the Arcola Theatre

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Yesterday saw the gathering of a wonderful variety of artists from across London to join the LoVArts Summer Networking Meeting. Held at the fantastic venue of the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, the discussion was a vibrant and open one, with talks by both Aleksandra Karpowicz and Kaska Porczyk, co-founders of LoVArts.

Those in attendance benefitted not only from the welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm of those on the LoVArts team, but also were among the first to hear about important updates on the status of the exhibition Infinite London, which are soon to be published on the LoVArts blog.

Due to a great turnout and a fantastic venue, we hope to partner with the Arcola Theatre in the future to hold more networking events with them in Dalston. We would like to thank all of those who took their time to come along and contribute their ideas and thoughts, and hope that all those who enjoyed it will return for future opportunities to meet fellow artists in a relaxed and inclusive arena of discussion.


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