The Heartbreaking Voice from Iran

We have recently received a heartbreaking message from Armin, a 19 year old artist from Iran. This young man shared with us his feelings, frustrations as well as a selection of amazing photographs, that most likely would have never been discovered outside his country.

Armin’s letter is a tribute to his father and the voice of a young generation. We are truly touched by his honesty and innocence. We decided to share this message with you, as a means of showing Armin our support. We have also posted his outstanding and mature art. All of us know the feeling of misery and hopelessness. We also believe that after bad times, good ones must come.


Abattoir - Armin Amirian (1)


‘Although it seems probable to me, you do not even get to read what I put on this paper which are my personal grievances happened during my life, I have no way out, I feel hopeless; they may make a change.

Life is full of hopelessness, full of longing. When my imaginations, my ideas, and on the whole what I say, though part of the people’s life, is fossilized in my mind, collecting dust, I, every now and then think it’s the right time to air them. I’m longing for a day I can project them through photos and films. I check the emails I receive, I listen for news going around, I check my phone calls; I check them all in order to get a way out of the situation I am stuck in.

I am an 19 year old boy living in Isfahan. A boy full of different problems and hardships you can imagine. A boy full of dream wishing to come true. Since my childhood I have been in contact with my father’s students and apprentices seeking art, in contact with several great artists who have been my parents’ friends who were all inspired by my parents.

I have experienced different forms of art ranging from painting to graphic and theater. But I have learned from my greatest master, my father, that art is innate like feeling of love.

My father is my sole master; his life is a complete lesson to me. When I see my father, having all these artistic abilities and skills, all statues and sculptures he has made, with his noble ideas is frustrated and mainly obsessed with making a living out all I said before, I wonder I am his son, I am going to be his next generation; on the other side, I am his apprentice, am I going to be mislead from my passion by pressures of life?


Abattoir - Armin Amirian (3)


I wonder if you are aware of the domestic situation of my country. I am feeling down because of financial problems we, people, are having, and this, together with other hardships, have changed to my worry; I am wasting time; I am like a prisoner bound to this cell, I am sad I can do nothing.

It’s about 7 years I have been a photographer; I have expressed my viewpoints and ideas through photography. I have written some screenplays, I have made some posters, I have done some kind of graphic activity, and during past years, several of my art have been played in galleries and exhibits; nonetheless nothing has happened to me to help me in order to get closer to my goals and wishes.

Although I have done different artistic activities, I think photography is more of my type. Whenever I had an idea for a film, a poster, or graphic, I spent a lot of time to work at it; I spent whatever I earned on my work. It opened up a Pandora’s box of new problems. That’s why if I had an idea, it would take a lot of time to be put into practice. Doing all these I was all alone; my works were copied by my friends and others; they copied my works without observing copy rights. My works were copied since I was mostly obsessed with social and economic problems; they, on the other hand, had everything readymade, so they applied my ideas into their works.

Nonetheless, my father always have backed me, gave me ideas and has motivated me not to give up.


Abattoir - Armin Amirian (4)


I am only after having state of the art facilities and equipment, I am not after gathering money, I am after finding a way to express my thoughts and views, to say I am one the ones having no harm for the world, to say I am a fruitful person by doing my best.

The simple camera my parents gave me when I was a first class student changed my life. From the early years of my artistic life, after trying different forms of art, I became interested in photography and this interest grow stronger and stronger by passage of time. I learned different methods of photography by experimenting them; I even didn’t attend any classes; I just studied about them. After a while I found the way to express myself and my views. Doing such things no one was of any help; they not only left me alone, but also made some problems not to reach my goals.

In Iran the atmosphere of art is in a way that mostly all pieces of art follow the same chain of thoughts; most of them are copies made from each others’ works. My father, however, thought me art is not like what is going around us. Art comes from your within. Contrary to being all alone by myself, I had several extensive studies to do my works, but since I was an ice breaker, since I was too young, I had to go through lots of difficulties and hardships.

As I mentioned, the only one who persuaded me not to give up was my father; he made my follow my goals stronger than before. Going through all these problems, sometimes, makes me go on hopelessly, having no reason to continue, to fight. This feeling is so great that every now and then tempts me to stop fighting, to surrender.


Abattoir - Armin Amirian (2)


I don’t mean to take your time any longer, but what I have put on paper have come out deep from bottom of my heart. My life is full of such hardships that even expressing them would not do any good unless they are put into practice.

About 4 years ago, an idea popped into my mind, and I meant to express it. I started to work to make some money in order to be able to have enough to spend on this collection. I worked for a year to make that money to express my views stronger than ever before.

This time, on the contrary, I had more problems to deal with ranging from social to economic ones. Again I was all alone in a new battle field. This time I named my collection ‘’Abattoir’’ since I wanted to say to the world there is a youngster in one part the world has his words said. Now is about three years I have prepared my collection for the world to see, but I would like to send my photography (some photos of Abattoir photo series) to you as I want you to listen to my voice; I hope I can get out of this situation and reach my goals and start to try harder and harder than before. I want to advance my skills and broaden my knowledge; I want to nurture my chain of thoughts. I want to extend my studies in a better atmosphere; I want to be active, to work, to make something, to create something…

Faithfully yours,

Armin Amirian’


You can see more of Armin’s works at:

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