Brief for the ‘Infinite London’ exhibition

Infinite London

“London goes beyond any boundary or convention. It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is infinite London.” 

Peter Ackroyd

London is like a human body and I am one of its organs. We can’t live without each other, we can’t live separately. Humans are like little blood cells travelling through the artificial veins and arteries that are the streets and underground tunnels keeping the city alive and growing. I want to express my feelings and emotions towards this relationship through artwork. I act as the pulse of creativity that keeps the culture system flowing. I need to emphasise my importance in our coexistence. 

‘Infinite London’ is inspired by London as a living, breathing, laughing, screaming entity in its own right, as perfectly captured by Peter Ackroyd in his book ‘London: The Biography’. We intend to match the animated nature of London with refined but vibrant entries from all of our selected artists. This does by no means only include pieces that depict our surroundings in a literal way.

As artists living in London, we are all in one way or another influenced by the city. It shapes our behaviour, our way of thinking, our everyday existence. It thus has an impact on the works of art we produce, whether the imagery and content are directly related to it or not. We are a part of London, and London is intrinsically connected to ourselves and our creative output.

There will be a selection of the best artworks depicting the emotions and inner feelings inspired by being a part of London. A professional curator will chose the artworks and LoVArts will be responsible for organising the artists’ call. The exhibition will be linked in terms of artistic inspiration – London – and joint objective – obtaining the level of exposure that the artists represented deserve.

There are many different sources from which LoVArts can achieve such exposure. First, the exhibition will kick off with an invitation only opening night, where guests will include art collectors, politicians, celebrities, sponsors, journalists and bloggers. This will be followed by a public opening for art lovers. All artists exhibiting at Infinite London will benefit from this unique opportunity to further their careers, by coming into contact with both industry personalities, and then exposed to the general public. Both are absolutely integral to furthering opportunities to share and expose their creative talents.

In order to draw in industry professionals, we have been collaborating with a network of experienced professionals with successful track records in the fields of PR and Brand Marketing, Event Planning, Art Directing, and Graphic Design. We aim to ensure that the VIP opening fulfils its promise and is beneficial to the artists on an individual basis.

LoVArts will encourage artists to ‘bare all’ in their artistic entries inspired by London. That is to say, we wish for all selections to be emotive and representative of the artists’ particular London experience and how they wish to ‘give back’ creatively to the atmosphere and life of the city.

LoVArts’ mission is to deliver an excellent art event where all talented London artists, regardless of their funds, can showcase their work and be discovered by art professionals and audiences alike.

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