Exciting updates about Infinite London

London Visual Arts – LoVArts is incredibly excited to announce the latest developments to the upcoming Infinite London exhibition!

Firstly, get the dates in your diaries: we are very proud to announce that Infinite London will take place from 16th to 19th October 2014. The date falls within a special time of the year for the London art scene, coinciding with the Frieze Art Fair. We want to unite in this celebration of London art and to show the art world – collectors, art lovers, journalists and all – an alternative way of presenting art. Infinite London aims to bring together audiences and art professionals, for an opportunity to discover emerging London based visual artists. Our mission is to reveal the variety of new, still undiscovered talent that London has to offer.

We are also delighted to announce that the exhibition will be hosted at The Vaults, an extraordinarily multi-disciplinary arts space in the underground world of Waterloo station. Located deep underneath the Southbank, just two-minutes walk from the London Eye, the venue features an impressive display of tunnels, arches, rooms and corridors, with a total 30,000 square feet of floor space in Victorian bricks and abandoned 70s office space. A place to be swallowed up by, buried deep like a pulsating heart under the ground of some of London’s most iconic venues: the perfect setting for our Infinite London project, inspired by London as a living and breathing entity in its own right. Here, visitors can feel part of the city’s own living pulse, like blood cells traveling around its artificial veins.

Images courtesy of The Vaults

London Visual Arts – LoVArts believes that Infinite London will be the exhibition of the year for emerging visual artists in London, featuring refined but vibrant entries to match the animated nature of the metropolis. It is not intended to be an exhibition exclusively about London: our aim is to showcase the emotions, passions and sensations that city life inspires. For this reason, the overarching theme running through the artworks, all made in London, is that they are inspired by living and feeling the city.

LoVArts’ mission is to organise events with the highest professional expertise in order to create opportunities for extremely talented yet still unknown artists to showcase their works and for the art world to discover them. To achieve this goal, our marketing strategy works to attract the target audience that fine artist seek to reach. We firmly believe in making our events top-notch, interesting and always different from the rest of the art scene. For this purpose all artworks for our Infinite London exhibition will we carefully selected by professional curators, to ensure the highest possible level of professionalism and excellence. Simultaneously, however, we strongly want Infinite London to become a platform for all emerging artists, and not an opportunity only for those who can invest big funds to exhibit their works. This is what makes us special. This is also what motivates our research for corporate sponsorship.

Finally, we are excited to announce that submissions will be open very soon. Watch this space!

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