A piece of advice from Leslie Pratt

LoVArts had a really great meeting with gallery owner Leslie Pratt of Cricket Fine Art, a prestigious Chelsea based gallery which features the works of brilliant artists such as Lottie Cole and Netta Carey. The advice Leslie gave us was invaluable, from capitalizing on the importance of venues to how attention to detail will always pay off.


For all those budding artists out there the essential advice Leslie gave, is to really do your homework when targeting a gallery, you want the approach the one that has your ‘look’. They’ve got to be right for you as well as you being right for them because wasting time never goes down well! If you cannot see your work on the walls of a gallery then neither will they.

Reputation and commitment are everything in this industry and going that step above to personalise your application will mark you above the rest. Extending the courtesy of a strong, visual email is the preferred option rather than dropping in unannounced. Don’t knock on the galleries’ doors, but instead build up relationships with them. Sometimes its worth spending money on a PR/marketing person who will write proper e-mails to galleries.

LoVArts is not another gallery, we have no intention of competing with other galleries, instead our aim is to become the ‘broker’ if you will, for the artists and the galleries. We want to make the transition from unknown artist to household name that much easier. Both for the gallery and the artist, to create a community.

For more information about Cricket Fine Art visit: www.cricketfineart.co.uk/

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