Last night London belonged to LoVArts!

Tuesday night’s LoVArts exhibition was a unique event in the capital’s art and cultural landscape. London Visual Arts – LoVArts brought together over 30 different visual artists to present their works at the ‘Chaos Control’ exhibition in the heart of Brick Lane.

The one night show drew nearly 800 visitors to Brick Lane to view the spectacular mix or artistic mediums including photography, painting, film, fashion, installation, graphic design, illustration, and jewelry. The exhibition was listed in the TOP10 events in London yesterday!

Our venue, legendary Cafe 1001, noted that they never had such a turnout during any artistic event. We are very happy with the crowd as well as strong online interest with nearly 9000 page views on our blog in the last month.

We would like to thank everyone who came to enjoy this magical night with us. Also, huge thank you for all the artists who submitted their works, project managers, promoters, curator, Cafe 1001 and everyone who supported the project.

The number of people who came to the event is a welcome validation of the LoVArts concept and platform. This is just the beginning of our journey. We are already planning the next big event! Join us for the networking meetings and get involved!

With love,

Mally, Kaska & Aleksandra



10 thoughts on “Last night London belonged to LoVArts!

  1. The morning after the night before i feel grateful to know and be part of this collective. It was a great night with wonderful work shown and i cannot wait till then next one !!

  2. Hey really good evening, loads of people!! I liked the crowd, the atmosphere was arty, underground and relaxed wich was a big adventage. I think it was a good night out for people in the middle of the week. Thank you LOVARTS:):):)

  3. Meeting so many beautiful people and Sharing the same space to link all our different practices was such a source of enjoyment. Really glad to that night and look forward the next one. Well Done everyone !!!!

  4. I'm so proud of the event and everyone involved! Our success shows that artists are not just creative creatures but can be a business-oriented force to be reckon with.

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