Patrycja Stefaniak@ ‘Chaos Control’

Patrycja is a London based illustrator, orginally from Poland, who moved to UK 3 years ago. She is now studying at London Collage of Fashion – BA Fashion Illustration. Patrycja is looking for intense ways of self-realisation, inspired by people with deep passion, motivation and plans. She is seeking for collaborations and opportunities to participate in new interesting projects. Her works were published for such a magazines as: SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE, WARSAWHOLIC MAGAZINE, COLOURBLIND MAGAZINE, PR PROJECT and I AM AS PROJECT. In art and design she appreciates skills and emotions because without them there is no meaning and message. She believes that OF ALL THE THINGS WE CREATE OUR EXPRESSION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. She mostly uses black and white pallet what was resulted by huge passion for that kind of photography. She’s trying to present the balance of those two colours in her very personal way of illustrating. Drawing is a language and style is a statement therefore fashion have also very strong influence on her work.

Join the ‘Chaos Control’ where Patrycja will present her illustrations.

More info: Patrycja’s Fan Page on Facebook

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