Jane Marle @ ‘Chaos Control’

Jane Marle is a 20 year old Fashion Stylist from Paris. She moved to London six years ago where she attended the French High School (Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle) in South Kensington.

After high school she took a year out of education to get hands on experience in the working world. She did an internship for luxury fashion consultancy firm called “Lambert and Associates”. At that point she thought that the business side of fashion was what she would be the most interested in. However, this internship helped her realise that creativity and stylings were what she really wanted to pursue. As a result, she studied Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni London.

She is constantly in between the fashion capitals of the world, learning from different styles, inspired and challenging the norms of fashion, exploring and creating new avenues. She is currently working as a freelance Fashion Stylist. Her style is very creative and unique. She creates the outfits and accessories for her shoots, to add to designers’ collections. She enjoys giving a certain twist to shoots, whether it be by adding fairy-tale imagery, or by taking a conceptual view, questioning the nature of fashion itself.

Her most recent project is FROW, a new Fashion magazine, for which she is the Fashion Editor and Creative Director. It is available online, so have a look:


For more information, here is her website:http://janemarlestylist.tumblr.com/ and you can like her page https://www.facebook.com/janemarlestylist?fref=ts. She is free for collaborations, fashion editorials, advertising, music videos and films.

Join ‘Chaos Control’ show to see Jane’s works.


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