Yulia Tsezar @ ‘Chaos Control’

Born in Russia, Yulia Tsezar is a self-taught photographer with a specialization in fashion, portraite and fine art photography. She is now working in London as a photographer for BOND magazine and collaborating with a few London and Moscow model agencies as well as studying.

She is strongly attracted by the dark and gloomy aesthetics and is constantly looking for the new ways of visual realization through various experiments with digital and analogue photography. Coming from a sociological background, she tends to investigate issues of gender roles and stolen identity in contemporary society in fine art photography.

Yulia is inspired by the works of Steven Klein, Paolo Roversi and Sarah Moon and is looking for ways of shooting fashion from different and unusual perspectives.

Yulia will present her photographs at the ‘Chaos Control’. Join the event of Facebook.

More info: www.yuliatsezar.tumblr.com


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