Geraldine Peclard @ ‘Chaos Control’

Trained in printed textiles at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Geraldine Peclard specialises in high quality prints and original narratives. Her work is all about telling stories and raising awareness about different subjects that are not easy to talk about or simply too often ignored. She believes that art and design have the power, if not the obligation, to make society a better one by encouraging healthy social interactions

Her Chaos and Order Collection that is presented as part of LoVArts’ exhibition was inspired by Schizophrenia.

‘Having experienced schizophrenia in close proximity with one of my closest relatives, I could observe that the mind of people suffering from it is fast, random and very busy – messy and chaotic to anybody else – But there is also another side to it – a rare outermost sensitiveness to the physical and natural environment that is when, I think, the genius comes in. Ultimately, through the Chaos and Order Collection  I would like to raise awareness about an illness that is more common  than we think –  1/100 people suffers from it  at one point in their life.  With real support from society – people suffering from it and their relatives can live an almost normal life.’

Geraldine will present the last collection of her label Knots and Folds at the ‘Chaos Control’. Join the event on Facebook!

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