Aline Derderian @ ‘Chaos Control’

Aline Derderian has been dancing since childhood and decided to make it a main part of her life after she passed her A level (Literature-Philosophy-History of Art). She moved to Paris in 2011 to have a one year of dance training at Studio Harmonic whilst in parallel studying Literature and Arts studies at Paris Diderot VII. She is currently completing a Performance Design & Practice BA at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Aline believes that Visual Arts and Choreography can complete each other and she wishes she could find the good balance between movement and inertia.

She is currently interested in playing with both roles of director and choreographer within some film productions and looks to create interaction between performers and set design.

Aline will present at the ‘Chaos Control’ the artistic movie capturing her dance. Join our event on Facebook.

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