Rose Fulbright @ ‘Chaos Control’

Rose Fulbright is the founder and designer of Rose Fulbright lingerie. She is an experienced, ambitious and versatile designer and maker.

She studied Fashion Design at Parsons Paris and Costume Design and Making at London College of Fashion where she refined her skills in designing, draping and pattern cutting.

Rose is passionate about contemporary design using historical, sociological, architectural, natural, and musical references. She has lived and worked in London, Paris and New York.

Rose Fulbright lingerie is a luxury silk lingerie label committed to supporting the British manufacturing industry and promoting simple, minimal and sensual lingerie. The theme of supporting British heritage through entrepreneurship and design under the ethos: ‘great design is great business’, runs a long line through Rose’s family history.

Rose will present one of her costumes at the ‘Chaos Control’. Join the event on Facebook.

More info:

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