Agata Bartoszcze @ ‘Chaos Control’

Agata Bartoszcze is a photographer, architect and designer living between London and her native Poland. Her photography is however taking her around the globe. Agata’s work has featured in numerous publications, most recently Photolife magazine.  Her first public exhibition, “Vernisage – Women by Agata Bartoszcze” was held at The Bowler pub in Farringdon and was focusing on the complex delicacies of the female form and spirit.

“Rather than thinking of myself as a photographer, I instead think of myself as a traveller and storyteller. My travels are part of a life journey. I explore nature, cities and objects but also human behaviour, thoughts and feelings. I collect moments and transform them into image – images which complete my stories. This thinking has led me to photograph almost everything and tell stories of unforgettable places, convey the fairy tales of the objects, children’s dreams, adult dramas or women’s desires. Lives of ordinary people play the main role in my stories and my challenge is the endeavour of revealing a layer of honesty and true thoughts behind the humans captured on film.”

You can see Agata’s photographs at the ‘Chaos Control’, 11th of June, Cafe 1001, Brick Lane.

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