Pako Quijada @ ‘Chaos Control’

Pako Quijada is a London-based filmmaker and photographer originally from Spain. He graduated in film making in San Sebastian, Spain. He started taking pictures with a small camera at a very young age.

His experience as a filmmaker includes documentary, narrative, dance, music videos and experimental short films. He has also worked as a still photographer and editor in motion pictures.

His artistic work roots from a vital need to express his restless inner self and to establish a visual connection with the spectator in which there is no need for codes or artificial constructions. It’s just an honest and sensitive – but not sentimental – art that delves into those fundamental questions we all, at some point, ask to ourselves.


In 2011 he was commissioned to do a TV documentary about the everyday life of abandoned cats in Barcelona, Spain. One year later, he self-published his first book “DIM/LUZ”. His latest work continues to explore human emotions through cycles, this time connecting them to the problems of individualism and communality.  He is currently working on his first 4-channel video installation and a series of portraits exploring gender roles in Western society.

Pako will present at the ‘Chaos Control’ both his photographs and artistic films.

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