Catrina Parkinson @ ‘Chaos Control’

Catrina Parkinson is a self-taught artist born in Zambia, central Africa. She received 1st prize for Best Exhibition in Zambia in 2000 as well as an award for Best Female Visual Artist in Zambia in 2008. Her another huge success was a solo exhibition in 2007 which was held in her country.

Catrina managed to publish both her visual works and poems.  She works mainly in pencil and granite, but also does some work on cloth. She uses stencilling cut out by her and creates mixed media work. Her big passion is acting and doing voice over work.

You will have a chance to see Catrina’s works at the LoVArts’ Exhibition ‘Chaos Control’ on the 11th of June, 7.00pm-11.30pm, at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane.
More info: Catrina’s Fan Page on FB

‘Chaos Control’ – Event on Facebok

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