‘Chaos Control’ – LoVArts’ Exhibition at Brick Lane

“In the beginning there was only chaos. Then somehow Love was born bringing a start of order.”

This June sees the highly anticipated arrival of the inaugural exhibition  from our collective London Visual Arts – LoVArts. The show, titled ‘Chaos Control’, brings together a choice selection of works from talented, up & coming, London-based visual artists.

‘Chaos Control, will be shown June 11, 2013 (7pm-11.30pm) at Café 1001 on East London’s legendary Brick Lane. Celebrating diversity and individualism, the exhibition will feature 30 artists in a mix of mediums, including: photography, graphic art, paintings, live performing art, film, and fashion. From the many mediums and artists in conjunction with the beauty of their individual and collective art stems the title of the exhibition ‘Chaos Control’.


Agata Bartoszcze
Aleksandra Karpowicz
Alina Zamanova
Aline Derderian
Ania Perkowska
Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman
Carmen Procopiuc
Catrina Parkinson
Christian Sawalski
Emma Hopkins
George Telis
Geraldine Peclard
Jane Marle
Kamilla Andersen
Karina Bedkowska
Kaska Porczyk
Korinna Veropoulou
Mally Yina
Manuel P. de Guzman
Mark Ow
Martin Lea
Matt Script
Oskar Krajewski
Pako Quijada
Patrycja Stefaniak
Rose Fulbright
Victoria Bowman
Yulia Tsezar
Zoe Carter
Zuza Tehanu


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