Submissions for ‘Chaos Control’ now open!

Dear all,

We are pleased to announced that we have a venue for our first exhibition. It will all happen in great area of Brick Lane at Cafe 1001 on 12th of June. The detailed description of the exhibition will follow after networking meeting we will have very soon.

Thank you to all of you for sending your work examples to us. As it is very time consuming to put different format of your works together, we would like you to resend your work submission following the submission form attached. Please state in the subject of your email SUBMISSION. Those of you who didn’t send the submission yet, please follow the same steps.

Here are few points that you have to follow:

1. Submit only the work that you are going to exhibit (not all the samples of your work)

2. Be precise about the sizes of your work and add a description how they are mounted (e.g. frames, no frames, canvas, boxes etc)

3. If you submit installation, please state how much space approximately they take  (height, width, weight etc).

4. If you submit videos, films, film projections, theatre performance, dance performance and any kind of show, please state how long it lasts for and how much space you need for display.  Please note you also must send at this stage a link to your film/performance so that it can be viewed by our curator.

5. State clearly what kind of equipment you need to exhibit your work (speakers, projector, shelves, tables, boxes, electric power plugs needed etc). Be very specified about the sizes of equipment you are going to use (this is for space management purposes). Please note that you are responsible for organising additional equipment for your work. We will try to help as much as we can, especially if the venue is happy to make some of the equipment available.

6. Deadline for submitting art work is 5th of May.

7. In addition to submission form please send a high resolution file of one of your work that represents what you want to exhibit. This is for our promotional materials so please chose carefully as it should be the best:-). For the film makers and theatre/performance people, you can send stills from the show or just your portrait.

8. Participation in the Exhibition is free of charge, however, each artist whose works are approved by the curator has to pay £20.00 for the promotion of the event and £20.00 deposit for the venue.

All the art work will be viewed by our curator team and we will inform you by 19th of May whether your work will be a part of our first exhibition.

Good luck and best wishes


Submission Form – Please copy it to the Word document, fill it and send to by 5th of May

1. First Name & Last Name or Artistic name
2. Specialities e.g. photographer, fashion designer, performer
3. Contact details (phone number/ email) & Website if applicable
4. Short bio totalling an approx 200 words including your education (or specify if self-taught), key areas of focus within your art, latest works and exhibitions if applicable plus any other relevant personal information.
5. Numbered list of works included in your submission and please specify if additional equipment is required eg lighting, loudspeakers etc. Note this is purely for space management. You are responsible for the hire and transport of potential additional equipment. 
Work # 1
  • Name of work (e.g. ‘Blue’)
  • Type of work (e.g. pencil)
  • Dimensions of work (Height x Length) (e.g. 30cm x 15cm)
  • Additional equipment required
Work # 2
  • Name of work e.g. ‘Red’
  • Type of work e.g. Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions of work (Height x Length) e.g. 100cm x 150cm
  • Additional equipment required
Work # 3
  • Name of work e.g. ‘Red on Blue’
  • Type of work e.g. Photography
  • Dimensions of work (Height x Length) e.g. 200cm x 50cm
  • Additional equipment required (e.g loudspeakers, shelves measuring approx 50cm x 50 cm)
6. Short description of your project for exhibition in 200 words maximum including the theme, ideas, inspirations, places etc.
7. Paste in pictures of your work below with titles (for visual purposes)

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